Central Illinois Magic Get-Together

The best one day magic convention in the world !      


We have a great lineup of lecturers this year.

Dave Cox

This is truly a unique lecture. Don’t worry you will learn some new tricks, but you will also learn much more. This workshop is about adding spontaneity to your act, helping you roll with anything that happens and supercharging your routines.  Dave will talk about making your act more about the audience and at the same time making your routines more YOU. Last but not least it’s just going to be a lot of fun. 

Tom Burgoon

With one auspicious and magical turn of the rotary dial, there appeared Mr. Sunday Night himself – Ed Sullivan – boasting a variety hour lineup of singers, dancers, puppeteers, acrobats, and celebrities and as fate would offer... a magician. For a captive and curious five-year old Tom Burgoon, this would be his premier introduction to the world of magic and entertainment and the rest – as they say – is truly history.


With an entrepreneurial career that spans over four decades, Tom Burgoon has lectured for magicians coast to coast. Tom is one of our favorite performer / lecturers and we are so proud to have him back..

Tomas Medina

Tomas is one of the funniest and skilled magicians of the 21st Century. So not only will you learn some great magic with coins, rope, cards and lots of everyday objects but you will also be entertained.

Tomas works in venues all over the Chicago area. He has the ability to convey what he has learned as a real world performer directly to you.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see this world class lecture that has been touted by some of the greatest magicians of our time.