Central Illinois Magic Get-Together

The best one day magic convention in the world !      

2020 CIMGT        May 30th 2020 

We are now  in our fifth month of working on a great convention for you in 2020.

The date of May 30th is booked at the Hoogland Center for the Arts and we are looking forward to a great time.

We have already booked  "Luis Carreon", "Howard Mincone", "David Goldman", Sal Piacente, and are working on more.

 You can help by letting us know who you'd like to see on the form below.
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Just in.. Our amazing (how does he keep doing it?) Jeff Harpring, has pulled another rabbit hat trick. He has somehow booked Michael Finney for our convention. We are certainly looking forward to this...….

Help us select more
 lecturers and entertainment.

Asking for your help bringing great entertainers and lectures to the CIMTG.  We all see different magicians at other conventions or shows.
Some don't impress, 
         others really make us go WOW.

We would love to hear from you the names of these special entertainers and lecturers that you would like to see at our upcoming convention.

Please fill out the form below.

Please include any contact information you have for them.. 

We would also like any other suggestions you may have to help us continue to give the best one day magic convention on earth...…….

Magician and mentalist,    Luis Carreon

In addition to being a founding ensemble member of the Chicago Magic Lounge, he is also a frequent performer at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Luis also travels the country teaching other magicians about the art of magic and is the head demonstrator at Magic Inc, the oldest family-owned magic shop in the country.

Juggler and entertainer,   Howard Mincone

Take a physical comedian, a juggler, and a very personable entertainer, with what seems to be boundless energy, as well as an emcee with a lightning-fast wit, mix them all together and what do you have?  The funny and talented Howard Mincone!

Evening show performer,   Dr. David Goldman

David Goldman, is the winner of the 2019 Midwest Magic Jubilee stage show contest. He will be performing that award wining act during our evening show. 

Dave is a member of Ring 239 and we are very proud of him. We are so pleased he has accepted our invitation for him to perform..

Lecturer and Entertainer,      Sal “The Hit Man” Piacente

Sal Piacente will be doing the close up show, a lecture . He will also be performing his memory act on the evening show. Sal is an expert on card cheating and is a consultant to casinos.

Ventriloquist,          Rick Fisher 

Rick Fisher has been performing as a magician/ventriloquist for more than thirty years! He believes in having fun with his audience, weather they are a group of children or company executives. Rick has become a Ring 239 favorite. This will be his fourth appearance at our evening show. His act is hilarious.
When Rick is not performing he spends his time running Fab Magic, his magic shop and manufacturing company in Colon Michigan, the Magic Capitol of the World.

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